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Sucool Technology

Sucool Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the global thermal management market for the biomimetic passive heat dissipation technology, located in Universiade Software Town, Shenzhen, China. Sucool is focused on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of its patented “Sucool® film” and related applications, providing insensible energy-free heat dissipation solutions for consumer electronics, photovoltaic, batteries, vehicles, special clothing and other applications.

Sucool Technology

Sucool is known with strong intellectual properties, technical innovation and engineering capability owing to its international professional team. Supported by the latest achievements of top universities, Sucool had built the world's first mass production line of Sucool® film. The first Glacier MatTM phone case built by Sucool for OPPO’s recent flagship Find X5 once ranked #1 in the microblog hot search, and was granted as a milestone of thermal management technologies for electronics industry.

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Novel Bionic Cooling Material - Sucool® film

The Sucool® film absorbs heat when heated and volatilizes water to take the heat away. Since the latent heat of water vaporization is as high as 2400J/g, it can break through the theoretical limit of passive heat dissipation, namely, natural convection and radiation, and achieve much more efficient cooling just like a sweating skin. When the heat source is off, it absorbs the water from the ambient air to replenish itself, so that it can be used repeatedly.

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